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Murari Prajapat helps businessmen and aspiring entrepreneurs to establish their digital existence via creative ideas and social media campaigns. Gaining knowledge from wherever possible, he expanded his skill set and made his name in the digital Aera. Renowned for his hard work, Murari Prajapat is a young social media strategist, digital marketer, and enthusiastic entrepreneur who always dreamt of doing something distinctive. His determination and will to keep striving till he reaches his goal have brought him success in life. Murari was always passionate about digitalization and his passion and interest in the field led him closer to digital marketing and hence he became an influencer. Born and raised in Jaipur, Murari Prajapat initiated his career in digital marketing at a young age and got himself to a position that now he is being recognised by almost everyone in the industry. His tireless struggles and mindful efforts are what led him to this group.

Murari Prajapat is a 22-year-old and one of the great creative and good forward-looking youngest entrepreneur and web developer, although he is also the social media manager from Jaipur, Rajasthan. Murari Prajapat has been a great social media influencer and digital marketer and had so many clients. Since childhood, the Obese Scarlet has always wanted to use his creativity to do something unique. When the internet spreading, he seized this opportunity and used it to get into digital marketing. He gained knowledge through his own experiences and research and helped him to become a talented person, he became an expert in various fields including digital marketing, affiliate marketing, and content creation

He has inspired and determinant youth to live their dream and become successful with hard and smart work.




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He has inspired and determinant youth to live their dream and become successful with hard and smart work.

Murari Prajapat

Digital Marketer

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